Shisha na kolech

Our main goal is to provide top-notch experience to all of the shisha smokers. That is the thought our company was built on and we keep on honoring it.

Meticulousness, punctuality and willingness to find a way to cater to your every need - those are basic qualities we hope you'll think of when you deal with our company.

The road to the birth of our company was extremely long, but even in the uncertain covid19 times, we managed to make it happen. We chose quality over quantity a we are proud to present you our products, which we provide you 7 days/week and 365 days/year. 

We tested each shisha thoroughly and after a careful consideration we chose not only approved classics, we also obtained modern hookahs of premium quality. The same goes for our tobaccos (we offer the best flavors from famous tobacco companies such as Adalya, Sebero, Maridan, Haze and many others) and we didn't spare a dime on the shisha accessories as well. 

Thank you for choosing us and believing in us, we are looking forward to your orders.